Dengue safe home

Mosquitoes that spread dengue live in cities, towns and villages. They can breed in anything that holds still water, such as buckets, plant pots, tires, animal bowls and even bottle tops. Being aware of your home environment can help protect you and your family from infection.  

Here are some ways recommended by the World Health Organization that can help reduce your chance of being bitten:1

Cover water storage containers, empty and clean them every week

Empty or remove containers that hold standing water, such as animal bowls, vases, and buckets

Put up window and door screens in your home

Use insect repellents, mosquito coils and vaporizers, and insecticide-treated materials in your home

Dispose of waste properly

Don’t forget that mosquitoes that carry dengue usually bite in the daytime, particularly early morning and just before dusk,2

so you should protect your home during the day and night.3

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